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Nominated for BEST ACTRESS!


August and September had a few surprises in store for me. I attended a networking event for the LA 48 Hour Film Project Festival just two days before the competition kicked off. For those of you who aren't familiar with this festival, what happens is each team is given the same character name, prop, and line a dialogue to use in their films and then they draw a genre out of a hat. The team then has 48 hours to write, cast, shoot, edit and turn in the short film. I was lucky enough to get picked up by the team who won Best Film last year- Transplant Pictures.

CHARACTER NAME - Ashley/Austen Cheevers

PROP- A Wallet

LINE OF DIALOGUE- We only have a few minutes.

GENRE (for our team) - Mystery

Arriving on the set of Sessions, I was impressed by how many people were working so cohesively to put this whole idea together and quickly learned that I was blessed to have such an awesome co-star John McCool Bowers. We got to work right away and my shooting day ended up being about a full 14 hours.

Through multiple screenings we found ourselves in the final round of the competition, the Best Of Los Angeles where we picked up nominations in the following categories:

Elaina Adrianna in BEST ACTRESS

Jack Swiker on directing. Parker McCabe on graphics, Leon L. Langford & Manny Valdivia on writing. Tommy Oceanak on best cinematography. John McCool Bowers WINNING best actor!

I was also informed later on that the casting director for Transformers saw our film and was very impressed! What a cool journey it has been! I will be posting our film Sessions soon!

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