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Nominated for BEST ACTRESS!

Hey Guys!

The last few months have been pretty busy! I've continued working at LA Acting Studios as part of their Master Class. I also had the opportunity to jump in the 48 Hour Film Project again this year. For those of you who don't know.... The 48 Hour Film Project is an amazing challenge that occurs once a year all over the place, not just in LA.

This year there were 173 teams signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project LA. At the beginning of the 48 hours, all teams must have a representative go to an auditorium where each team pulls a genre from a pool of pre-selected genres. They each pull 2 so that they can choose to use one, the other or combine both in the making of their short film. After each team has their genre picked, the producers unveil the mandatory components for the festival. These include: character name (Kip or Kim Wallace), a career (event planner), a line of dialogue (It's not as easy as it looks), and a prop (a ball). Each element must be included in the film to qualify for awards. After each film was written, cast, shot, and edited within the 48 hour time limit, they premiered at the Regal Cinemas in Downtown LA.

There were 11 screening groups, each featuring about 15 or so films for those teams that did finish and turn in a film. (Not all teams end up turning in a film). After the initial screening, audiences would vote on their favorite 3 films to determine the top 2 moving on to the Audience Awards Screening. Luckily, our film SILENCE was voted into the Audience Awards and we found out we came out on top as the Number 1 voted-for film from the initial screening. Shortly after, we found our that our film SILENCE was nominated for some awards and will be moving on to the Best Of screening at the Chinese Theater on September 9th (they don't announce which awards films are nominated for until the Best Of Screening)!

Each year, the festival keeps all nominations a secret until the final Best Of screening, except for nominations for actors. The Best Supporting Actor/ Actress and Best Actor/ Actress are announced beforehand. I was lucky enough to be included in the nominations for Best Actress again this year!

I found this year to be difficult since my team drew the genres of Silent Film and Family Film. They decided to give us all a challenge and go with strictly Silent Film. This made it very difficult for actors since the entire story would primarily be told through emotions. Not a single word was spoken in this film which made picking up a nomination that much more cool!

The best part of all of this is that I, along with the rest of the team, have received countless comments on how unique and impactful this film has been. At the end of the day, making content that impacts audiences and makes them feel something is all we as artists can hope to accomplish.

I hope to share SILENCE with all of you soon!

xo Elaina

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