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Hi all!

SO VERY EXCITED to announce that I won BEST ACTRESS on Sunday for the LA 48 Hour Film Project! Not only did we walk away with that win, at the "Best Of" screening , our film "Silence" was nominated for the following awards:

Best Use of Genre (Silent Film)

Best Use of Line (It's not as easy as it looks)

Best Writing - Manny Valdivia & Leon Langford

Best Cinematography - Tommy Oceanak

"Silence" was chosen for the following awards:

Audience Award (Group E)

Best Actor Runner- Up - Drew Drew Rausch

Best Editing - Chris Willett

Best Directing- Jack Swiker

Best Actress- Me!


Thats right- BEST FILM! Woooooo!!! This means our film will go on to Filmapalooza 2019 happening in March to represent Los Angeles in a grand 48 Hour Film Competition against the rest of the world! Every city in the world that competes in the 48 will move their Best Film, totaling over 150 films, to compete against for the grand champion of the world in all the categories above and a few more.

ps- My film made my mom cry! That's a win in my books. :)

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