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Thank You Borrego Springs! ....and additional updates(:

Wow! If you haven't traveled to Borrego Springs... you need to go!

I had the pleasure of traveling to Borrego Springs for a film festival recently in which my film 'Sessions" screened. What I love about this festival is that everyone in the community joins in. This festival is such a big deal for this community and the love and support you feel there as a film maker is just unreal. Below I have a fun video featuring my director Jack Swiker and a little bit about our film. (I know its been a bit of a secret since its not public yet but it will be soon!)

I also have been hard at work training at my MMA dojo! I earned my orange belt this past week and I couldn't be more thrilled. What I love about this training is that you learn so many useful and practical skills while getting a great workout in.

Ill keep you guys updated more often going forward! Things are starting to pick up!

Until next time-


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