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We're Headed to Cannes!!

I just had the pleasure of doing a film called “Silence.” The film focuses on the story of a young woman who gets into an accident and loses her hearing. She struggles to move on with her life and accept the new disability. The thing I loved most about this film was we had an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor come on set and give both me and the other actors a class on ASL and how to properly communicate. I loved the opportunity to jump into this exciting new experience and end up with a film that made an impact on audiences. The tough part about this was the team had 48 hours to come up with a script, learn the lines, learn ASL, shoot, edit and turn the project in.

The film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project in which we competed against over one hundred and fifty other films in LA. My producer ended up pulling the genre of “silent film” (each team pulls one of several possible genres and must create the film in the confines of it). My team, Transplant Pictures, wanted to do something memorable and came up with this amazing story! We ended up winning several awards including, Best Actress (me), Audience Award, Best Directing (Jack Swiker), Best Editing and BEST FILM! Winning best film meant we advanced to Filmapalooza!

Filmapalooza is an international film festival held in a different city each year. This year we headed to Orlando! Filmapalooza showcases every film that won Best Film in their respective city. Each film is screened at a movie theater and the grand champions are crowned. Even more, the top 10 films advance to the Cannes Film Festival which is held every year in May! Our entire team was very much looking forward to the festival and the opportunity to share this film with even more film makers and audience members.


- Our film ended up being the first to screen at the Walt Disney Amphitheater as one of the 10 films selected to go to the Cannes Film Festival!! It is also the first time Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project is being represented at Cannes.

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